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IronDrive Garage Floor Coatings


Extremely easy to work with, Brian and his staff completed this work while I was in transition from Illinois. I was very pleased with the floor when I arrived-a fair price and installation exactly as was promised, all in all a totally professional experience. After several weeks, I feel it is exceeding expectations. Pay attention to very simple cleaning instructions and this will last forever. I highly recommend IronDrive to anyone considering a flooring project in the Phoenix area. 


Irondrive Garage Floors recently refinished the floors in my two garages and I'm very pleased with the results and their service. 

Brian was very knowledgeable, professional and communicated well. His staff arrived on time, worked diligently without supervision and did a great job! I'm really happy with the whole experience and recommend them highly.

- RP


I would highly recommend Iron Drive! The floor looks aboslutely amazing! Brian went above and beyond to help us decide on color, options, and even drove out of his way to hand deliver color samples to our home! They got or garage scheduled quickly and in-between moves, finished the job in a timely fashion and we could not be happier! Thank you Iron Drive!


Irondrive looks fantastic in my garage! We recently repainted it and got the Iron drive flooring to match. It looks great and very easy to clean as well! WELL WORTH the price and the crew was right on time and very professional! Strongly recommend them!



I called IronDrive to get a quote on doing my garage floors. I gave Brian my measurements and explained what I was looking for. Brian went over the different coating options with me. Brian emailed me a quote and color choices. I called Brian back and ordered the Supreme Desert Gray with the lifetime guarantee. Brian gave a couple of days to choose from for installation. I chose a Saturday which cost a little extra. The Iron Clad team showed up on time and did a fantastic job. They worked quickly and neatly. The new floor looks great!



We settled on IronDrive after getting several quotes on our split three car garage. Brian was very helpful, knowledgeable, and answered all our questions. We went with the Supreme floor and it looks outstanding! Brian came out to the house during installation to make sure everything was going as expected. Both of the installers were experts at their craft. Brian also provided necessary steps to keep the floor looking great for years to come. IronDrive was not the least expensive, but their reputation, quality, and customer service is well worth the cost.

- ED S.


Short version - highly recommended!!! Unreal beautiful job!!

Longer version - I started calling flooring companies for bids on my three car garage. It is a brand new house and I wanted the job done right. First guy that came out was a nut case and I dismissed him. Next guy was considering going with because of his limited good reviews, however, the more I talked with him, the screwer he sounded. Decided not to go with him. I called Iron Drive and Brian showed up that afternoon. Very professional with plenty of samples and a ton of 5 star reviews. 

Job scheduled for 8:00 am on the 29th. Workers showed up at 7:59 am and started at eight. The job totally exceeded my expectations. The development superintendent and sales manager came by to look at the job and wanted business cards to recommend this company to the other new homeowners. I cannot say enough about the job and wish I had the name of the workers to thank them. 

Also - no money up front - paid upon completion. That adds even more of a level of trust. Thanks Brian!! Patrick in Blackstone Development.



- LE L.


Great company to deal with. Brian was very helpful and professional. Daniel and Geraldo did a great job installing and showed up 5 minutes early. Reasonably priced for great quality. I'm a repeat customer as I used them for my old house. I know they stand behind their work as they did warranty work on the old job. Do not hesitate to use IronDrive.



These guys are excellent. It been about two years and my floor still looks brand new. Oil wipes up easily without a trace. They came in a couple days after i closed on the new house and its probably the best thing i did before moving in. You will find companies who will do it cheaper but if you want to make sure its done right, these guys are it.



Very professional company! I recently had Brian and his team install an epoxy flooring in the garage of my new home in Gilbert. Due to my builders delay in closing, I had to push my service 24 hours, and Brian went over and above to accommodate the late change. The process from selecting the color to payment was easy and convenient. If you are looking for a professional company that shows up when they say they will and charge you the amount you agreed upon, I would highly recommend IronDrive.

The job done was FANTASTIC. 
1. Brandon did a great job explaining the technical aspects of the job 
2. The installation crew were experts and worked efficiently completing in 9 hrs
3. The quality and look of the floor is just amazing, now I have to paint my walls to call it complete. 

I would recommend IronDrive to anyone who has done the homework and compared materials used by others. You do get what you pay for, and if no worries or hassles is such then choose IronDrive.



I own painting contracting company. There are a lot of painting companies that will attempt to do this type of service. Most of them do it badly. I don't want to do bad work. This is why I hired IronDrive to do my garage floor in my personal residence.

Brian came out... he was on-time. Not a lot of contractors can manage this simple step of showing up on-time for the initial appointment. We talked about the process, warranty, some issues in my garage that would need to be dealt with and then he gave me a proposal. Great price for what they are doing but let's wait for the actual work to be done...

OK - now it's time for the crew to show up. They said they be at my home at 8am (with some flex in there). They arrived at 8. Nice. They explained what they would do, how long it would take. They started working. It's dusty but keep your door shut and it's fine. I went out a couple of times to review the work (not hover) and it seemed to progress well.

Long and short is they were done by 4pm. I was told to give it 24 hours. The top-coat stinks but it goes away after a week or so... it's bad the first 24 hours then significantly tapers off.

Long and short is the garage is AWESOME looking... and tough. I took a hammer and chisel to the floor and it stood up just fine... no not really. I'm not an idiot. This stuff is TOUGH but let's be reasonable. You hit it with a chisel and it's gonna chip. So don't do that. I'd highly recommend these guys. Take it from a paint contractor who knows these things...



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