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Frequently Asked Questions

What's better Epoxy or Polyaspartic Floor System?

Epoxy flooring is preferred on most brand-new surfaces with little or no cracks. It has been a great product for 25 years going. Polyaspartic is better for older floors that have cracks. It is also more expensive.

How long does it take to install an IronDrive epoxy system?

ONE DAY… typical 3 car garage is done in 8-9hrs.

Why is it so important to have full access in 24 hours?

Fast-drying materials indicate a quality coating. Each day beyond a one-day install means your coating is of lesser quality.

Why decorative chips?

The chips provide TWO significant purposes: 1. Anti slip 2. Hide dust and dirt so your floor looks clean.

Is acid etching sufficient to prepare my floor for epoxy application?

NO, Acid etch will CLEAN the surface, Diamond Grind will OPEN THE SURFACE.

How does the sun affect epoxy?

All epoxies with prolonged exposure to sunlight will eventually fade or chalk. We always apply a UV stable topcoat to all Irondrive epoxy floor applications. No Exceptions.

What is your warranty for epoxy floor applications?

Lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating.

Why not use a DIY Epoxy floor product?

Our professionally installed systems are an INVESTMENT, you will not have to do it again. We stand behind our Lifetime Warranty. DIY materials typically last 1-3 years before you are doing your floor again. Do the Math… Pay every 3-5 years? Or pay once? Best equipment, best materials, best installers, you get what you pay for with IronDrive Garage Floor Coatings.

Why choose IronDrive?

Great products, we give you the CHOICE of an Epoxy System or a Polyaspartic System. Awesome warranty and customer service you will be happy with as soon as you call.

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