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The IronDrive System

  • Diamond Grind prep

  • Floor Chips and Cracks repaired

  • Industrial grade self priming 2 part Epoxy or Polyaspartic System.

  • Full broadcast decorative chips – 100% coverage

  • Intermediate chip seal

  • High solid rapid cure POLYASPARTIC topcoat

  • Walk on in 2hrs/Drive on in 24hrs

  • Shiniest product available

  • Stronger, harder, more scratch resistant


IronDrive Garage Floors installs Epoxy and Polyaspartic Floor Systems that give your garage or commercial property a shiny, glass-top look. Our team offers fast, precise installation, which involves a few steps:

  1. Heavy-duty industrial two-part Epoxy or Polyspartic Floor System is rolled directly onto the concrete.

  2. Multicolored chips are applied afterward to give your floors a custom color.

  3. A sealer and final top coat give your floor the ultimate protection

Receive a lifetime guarantee

You wont have to EVER worry about your floor peeling or delaminating.

Transform your garage into a clean and beautiful space that’s easy to maintain. Call now to learn more about our durable garage floor coatings and custom color options.

Are you ready to update your garage floors? Call now to schedule your epoxy floor system installation. We serve Chandler, AZ and the Phoenix Valley area.

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